The Uniqueness of Cyclocross

Cyclocross has things that other forms of cycling don’t, including hecklers, barriers, drunken fans, a course great for spectators to watch, and some of the most interesting hand-ups ever. While some of these things can be found in traditional cycling cyclocross takes it to the next level.

First would be the hecklers, while I’ve never experienced them first had I assume they would be quite an interesting experience. Just imagine so crazy guy screaming at you or just making fun of you while you’re trying to ride as fast as you can and concentrate while you’re on your bike.

So who’s up for heckling some guys in tight shorts? (See how easy it is!) What’s your best heckle?

Next are the barriers, which are unique to cyclocross. Barriers are usually made of wood and UCI regulates barriers to be 40 cm high. Usually they’re placed in barriers with only one set per course. Pros can “bunny hop” them if there is a enough room and if they can carry enough speed into them. Otherwise the traditional way of crossing the barriers is dismounting and carrying you’re bike over them.

Traditional Way of Crossing Barriers by Dismounting

Bunny Hopping Barriers

Last put not least there are the drunken fans and interesting hand-ups in cyclocross. While the drunken fans are present in almost every sport around the world, what cyclocross fans do when they’re drunk is unique. There has been everything for $1 hand-ups to beer hand-ups. So what is the most obnoxious thing that could be handed-up successfully?


Cyclocross is truly unique.

  1. This is hilarious! I don’t know too much about cyclocross but your post makes me want to go to a race just to drink with friends & “heckle” some of the riders. It seems like an extreme sport though! I can’t believe the 1st rider in the bunny hopping video peddled all the way up the hill. Nice post.

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