New Media, the Elite Women of Cyclocross and Equality

Who can name three female Elite Cyclocross racers?

  1. Katie Compton
  2. Katerina Nash
  3. Amy Dombroskci

Okay so maybe I have an unfair advantage as I am addicted to’s Who’s #1? Cyclocross Rankings. The point I’m trying to make here is that cyclocross does not face the same gap between coverage of male and female competitors like many other mainstream sports, like basketball. Can you name three female professional basketball players?

I believe a large part of how these women have become know, besides their amazing cyclocross abilities, is new media. Both Dombroski and Compton maintain a blog about their careers and are quite active on Twitter. I’ve even personally chatted with Dombroski on Twitter about a story she wrote about her sponsors a while ago.

Many believe that the male sex will always be the covered group when it comes to sports. Well that’s not the case in cyclocross. We offer equal rights for all (like on of those cheesey radio hiring ads) here in cyclocross from amateur to Elite Pro from man to woman.

In conclusion cyclocross isn’t a mainstream sport therefore it does not face the diversity issue quite as harshly when it comes to the media reporting on men’s and women’s racing.

Can you think of any other diverse groups in cyclocross or just cycling?


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