Day 1, #CXnats from a Wisconsinite’s Perspective

First I must explain something about Wisconsinite’s, were known for a few things: The Green Bay Packers (of course), cold weather, and of course beer drinking.

Now on to the story, met up with my buddy Travis and we were on to the Cyclocross National Championships that are actually in Verona, Wis. not Madison as every other cycling news organization and blog keeps reporting. The two-hour drive was on, jamming out to whatever the radio decided to bless us with.

So we arrived in Verona, but not at the Nationals course, seriously we had no clue where it was. We drove around for almost an hour looking for the course and then final I used’s course maps to find a road to through in the GPS to get us there.

Once we arrived we did what any good Wisconsinite does when arriving in a new place, had a beer. Leinenkugel’s Winter Sampler was our 12 pack of choice for the event. While enjoying our beverages we watched the Single Speed Women’s National Championship race.

Let me just say if I could bike as fast Kari Studley with the 8 speeds on my LeMond Poprad I would be ecstatic, wow is she fast, she had it won from the start. If I remember right she won by almost a half lap or like three minutes, it was a huge gap. Congrats Kari on your National Champion Jersey.

I'm on the way far left with Travis to my right. Congrats Aaron Bradford! Photo by

A totally different race was the Men’s Single Speed National Championship. Aaron Bradford and J.T. Fountain slugged it out the entire race until the last lap when Bradford was able take the lead and hold on till the finish (FYI – the picnic table near the end of the lap right after the barriers is a great place to watch the races). But the real star of the Men’s single speed race was Jona, this little kid that had no fear in lining up next to the big gears of the older riders and just kicking it.

Jona who kicked it against the big gear boys. Photo by

Overall it was a great time, Travis and I were able to check out some of the vendors that were setup and even got free cowbells from Shimano, sweet I know. See you Sunday (aka tomorrow) at the Cyclocross National Championships.


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