The Final Day of #CXnats from a Wisconsinite’s (& Boxing?) Perspective

For my second time at the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships it was an amazing experience. I went to Verona, Wis. with a few objectives:

  1. Conduct interviews with Paul and Chris both riders for November Bicycles (whom I have a public relations internship with currently)
  2. Watch some awesome cyclocross races including the Women’s and Men’s Elite National Championship races
  3. Pass out my business cards to as many marketing, public relations, and brand managers in the cycling industry as I could.

After arriving, I got down to business conducting interviews with Paul and Chris. I was able to watch Chris’s race and it’s a good thing I’m not a colligate bicycle racer, my university would disown me. After Chris’s race the Elite Women were up.

Katie Compton destroyed from the start and by the end of the race had over a three-minute lead. The race was truly for second place between Kaitlin Antonneau and her teammate Nicole Duke; it was a hard fought race by both ladies but in the end Antonneau was able to break away and secure the second tier on the podium. Congrats Katie Compton on your 8th straight Elite Women’s Cyclocross National Championship and props to Kaitlin Antonneau for delivering an outstanding Cyclocross National Championships for the future of U.S. women’s cyclocross. Shout out to Maureen Bruno Roy for being my favorite women’s racer of the 2011-2012 cyclocross race.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, on to prize-fight, the Men’s Elite Cyclocross National Championship, the contenders were Jeremy Powers v. Ryan Trebon v. Tim Johnson v. Jonathan Page and man did it start like a heavyweight bout. The first lap Trebon started out of his corner with fists of fury blasting off the front the pack. Eventually Trebon was hit back by the group thanks to Chris Jones and others bringing him back. As the laps (or rounds) stacked up it was Trebon soon to be heckled by blows delivered by Jeremy Powers. Powers’ relentless attacks eventually allowed him to break loose from the pack and gain his first-ever Elite Cyclocross National Championship. Congrats J-Pow and props to Zach McDonald for his 4th place finish and U-23 Men’s National Cyclocross Championship Jersey.

Jeremy Powers on his last lap heading towards his first Elite Men's Cyclocross National Championship win.

Oh, I was able to give out my business cards to a whole bunch of cycling industry folk including Colt from, the guys from Ride Blue, Ian from HED Cycling, Maria from Ridley Bikes and Michael Zellman from SRAM. Hopefully I’ll land a job with one of these people soon. Now that I’m all inspired I will begin training for next year!


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