My Apologies and Excuses

I am sorry I haven’t been keeping this blog up-to-date not just for my (small) readership but for myself. As an aspiring public relations professional writing is a major part of my career and this blog was my outlet for a point there. I hope to get back to updating this blog at least once a week. So what have I been up to?

The UW Oshkosh Public Relation Student Society of America chapter has been my life for the past couple of months. I was a member of our chapter’s Bateman Case Study Competition team and with the client being Childhood Obesity (obviously fighting it). Our campaign was very successful reach almost everyone in our community including a front page (above the fold) newspaper story in the Oshkosh Northwestern. We partnered with:

Besides the Bateman competition our PRSSA chapter also competes in the National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign competition put on by Rowan University. For the past 17 years (since the beginning of the competition) the UW Oshkosh chapter has place in the top four in the nation. Last year I headed our Minute to Give It campaign that earned us 2nd place. This year we’re stepping it up a notch and adding zombies.

Check out our Facebook page for Saving Lives: Dead or Alive. I’ll add more about the event after we have it tomorrow.

As for cyclocross, not to much new other than figuring out how I’m going to be upgrading my LeMond for this season, SRAM maybe? I am also looking at mountain bikes or a new cross bike. Lastly, I’ll make sure to keep the blog updated more often but it won’t just be cycling information anymore it’ll be everything from public relations to cycling to social media.

Stay in the draft and wait for your move.


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