The purpose of this blog is to share the experiences of a college student starting his career as a cyclocross athlete. I will share my race coverage, interviews with people at Wisconsin races I attend, riding/racing on a college student’s budget, tips about purchasing cyclocross stuff, and any other cyclocross/cycling knowledge and experience I gain.

As for me I am a senior at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and graduating in May 2012. I am majoring in journalism with a public relations emphasis and a speech communication minor. I’ve been involved in Public Relations Student Society of America through the UW Oshkosh Chapter since my sophomore year and am currently the Vice President.

After graduation I plan on working in the public relations field hopefully in the cycling industry. Besides work, my girlfriend, Cassie, and I are (hopefully) moving to Nashville, TN for her to attend Vanderbilt’s Radiation Therapy Program, and for us to get a change in scenery.

My definition of cyclocross by Jason Ross: “Cyclocross, to put it simply, is painful. How much pain can you endure without giving in or giving up.

My phrase to live by: “Love Life”

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  1. Hello Derek,
    Just a quick message to ask if you would be interested in a mutual following on twitter. I am currently following you now and am awaiting for your follow-back if you indeed decide to do so…

    All the very best for the rest of 2012 and beyond Derek. Hope to hear back from you…


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