Okay, so my first cyclocross season was hindered by my busy schedule. I was able to race two races in the WCA Crank Daddy’s Cyclocross Series, the first at the Cross of the Domes and the second, one of the last of the season, at Silver Lake.

My first race was a new experience for me, as it was my first cyclocrossrace ever. I really struggled through that race but I finished, which made me happy. The second race however I went in with a new mindset. Starting near the back of the pack I figured I could keep a little more in the reserves versus trying to stay with the pack the first lap.

Tricky hairpin... at least for me

After letting the pack go I could see who my real competition was and it turns out there was only two people I passed the whole race, placing 25 out of 27. I felt 100 times better than I did in my first race and I could actually feel riding everyday to class and around town benefiting me. Anyone got cheap and easy training plans?

But past that I am quite disappointed I wasn’t able to ride more races or train at least but all that changes this coming year. Cassie and I received a dual trainer (elliptical and stationary bicycle in one) from my parents for Christmas. Read More


Much like how the Milwaukee Brewers almost missed the playoffs by hitting a slump right before the end of the season, I’ve hit my cyclocross season slump. As with most slumps it is not by choice. The bills have been coming in so I picked up an extra PAID internship on campus and continue to work at Menards. Now I have no time to race cyclocross because I have to make money to live, which is truly a college students problem, but when it comes to other reasons I’ve missed races I have that covered too.

From Oct. 13 to Oct. 18, 2011, I was being a sophisticated public relations professional at the Public Relations Student Society of America National Conference. I can’t say it was the best trip ever but it gave me a view of the career I hope to find after I graduate. So at the end of the conference I got on the plane with a 2nd place award for the National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign that I ran last year; I was feeling proud but my body was feeling otherwise.

After arriving back in Wisconsin with a sinus infection that I had since the second half of my trip, I decided I was going to tough it out and go to class and work Wednesday through Friday. Riding from home to work to class and back was my only training for the past two weeks. Then the weekend hit and I was dead, my symptoms included fatigue from waking up, a constant headache, and sinuses that wanted to explode.

Monday came and I gave up. My body was cashed so I went to Aurora’s walk-in and it turns out that I had the flu. The flu was causing my blood sugar (being a Type 1 Diabetic) to stay sky-high and thus causing the rest of my body to feel terrible. After five hours of having fluids pumped into me I was starting to feel better and they said I could go home.

Everyone understands being sick feels terrible but missing races feels even worse. So how do you recover from the flu in time to squeeze a few more races?